Tidal Shoreline Management Webcast Recording

Tidal Shoreline Management Webcast Recording


Richard Ortt, Maryland Geological Survey
Daniel Proctor, Stantec
Bill Stack, Center for Watershed Protection, Inc.

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Shoreline Management
The Poplar Point Residential BMP Project – a winner in the 2014 Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award

Join us for a webcast on tidal shoreline management: processes and practices for using these areas as an urban BMP. This webcast will feature three presentations. The first will be a presentation from Richard Ortt, Director of the Maryland Geological Survey who will talk about erosional processes associated with tidal shorelines and why these processes are important to understanding Chesapeake Bay health. The second speaker is Dan Proctor, a Senior Water Resources Engineer from Stantec Consulting who will talk about the different varieties of practices associated with managing tidal shoreline erosion (e.g., revetments, living shorelines). The final speaker is Bill Stack with the Center for Watershed protection who is the Chair of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Expert Panel to Define Removal Rates for Shoreline Management Projects. Bill will be discussing the protocols that are being considered by the Chesapeake Bay Partnership to credit tidal shoreline management practices for sediment and nutrient reductions.

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