Webcast Recording: Campus Stormwater Series, Morgan State University

Webcast Recording: Campus Stormwater Series, Morgan State University


Dr. James Hunter  РMorgan St. University

Dr. Dong Hee Kang – Morgan St. University

Steven Barr – Morgan St. University


College and university campuses represent a tremendous opportunity for advancing the field of stormwater management. They often have space available to implement projects, are frequently undergoing improvements and redevelopment, and have access to talented faculty and eager students. However, the challenges that comes with managing an ever-growing list of stormwater assets with limited staff resources and varied priorities are not to be understated. In this series, we will explore these challenges and opportunities in more detail with representatives from campuses across the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Up first, we will hear from faculty and students at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Our presenters will discuss stormwater management at Morgan State, with a particular focus on how the University was able to involve students in early efforts to inventory their assets in preparation for new MS4 reporting requirements.