RiverWise Communities Workshop

RiverWise Communities Workshop

Westover Hills Public Library
1408 Westover Hills Blvd, Richmond, VA 23225
Friday, January 22, 2016
10:00 AM – 3:30 PM


Nissa Dean and Liz Chudoba, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Ari Daniels, Center for Watershed Protection
Jackie Takacs, University of Maryland

Riverwise Training 2

The Chesapeake RiverWise Communities program’s mission is to educate communities about the importance of controlling stormwater, the benefit focusing native plants, and how to encourage residents to make informed decisions about how they manage their property to minimize harmful impacts to local waterways. The purpose of this workshop is to provide local-governments or watershed organizations with technical information on BMP selection, placement and specifications, but also hands-on resources they can use to change local behavior and improve habitat and water quality through urban stormwater cost-share programs. This workshop is sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Stormwater Training Partnership.

The workshop will review the RiverWise Communities Program manual, which provides the essential tools to set up an urban cost-share program. Included will be an on-site RiverWise site assessment to demonstrate proper siting and placement of BMPs. The training will also cover installation and maintenance techniques for common residential scale BMPs.

Further, local watershed groups need to be connected with their localities in order to relay the information about these BMPs to the locality for credit. The SMART tool was developed and piloted in Maryland, through the Maryland Sea Grant and Alliance is working to bring this tool to Virginia. This tool will provide the method from homeowners to report their stormwater BMPs to the localities, who will verify the installation to receive the reduction credits. To learn more, check out the agenda for the workshop below.


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RiverWise Watershed Protection Pre-Assessment Questionnaire & Registration Form

Stormwater Management and Restoration Tracker (SMART) Tool

Reduce Your Stormwater website

Stormwater Sentries Game

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