This category recognizes stormwater retrofit projects that improve the runoff reduction and pollutant removal capability of existing stormwater BMPs constructed in the last five years.

The best retrofits will be evaluated on their ability to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Retrofit sharply increase the water quality and/or quantity functions of the pre-existing stormwater facility (some documentation of estimated pollutant reduction should be provided).
  • Solved difficult design challenges or site constraints that might be transferable to future retrofit projects
  • Was cost-effective in relation to the drainage area served (some general documentation requested
  • Enhances the habitat or green space values of the pre-existing stormwater practice
  • Project significantly improves neighborhood or community amenities

Below you will find information about the winners of the Best Retrofit BMP category of the 2017 BUBBAs.

To learn more about this year’s winners, check out the project files on our Google Drive here.

First Place

James Terrace Water Quality Improvement Project

James Terrace Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance
James Terrace Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance

Project Team:

James City County Stormwater Division;

Kerr Environmental Services Corp;

GET Solutions

This project involved the installation of an innovative system of water quality treatment facilities to reduce nutrient and bacteria loads and decrease flooding in a Virginia neighborhood. The three phase project consisted of a bio-retention swale and two regenerative stormwater conveyance channels installed across four private properties. In addition to the water quality benefit, the project restored wetland functions, provided an aesthetic improvement and reduced property flooding.

To read a full narrative and view more photos, please visit the project folder on our Google Drive.

Second Place

Quail Meadows Stormwater Management Retrofit

Quail Meadows Wet Extended Detention Facility
Quail Meadows Wet Extended Detention Facility

Project Team:

Carroll County Bureau of Resource Management

Quail Meadows Homeowners Association

CLSI Engineering

TBH Concrete

Red Hill Lawn

This project involved the retrofit of an existing wet detention facility by diverting stormflows from a local stream into a wet extended detention facility, while still maintaining base-flow in the existing stream channel. The retrofit significantly enhances the water quality and quality functions of the existing stormwater facility in a very cost-effective manner, while still offering an aesthetic improvement.

To read a full narrative and view more photos, please visit the project folder on our Google Drive.

Third Place

Anacostia River Watershed Smart Integrated Stormwater Management

Post-Retrofit Actuated Valve
Post-Retrofit Actuated Valve

Project Team:

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) – Grant Administrator and Partner

Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (MCDEP) – Partner

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation – Funding Source

Opti – Designer

This project involved a retrofit of a wet pond with an innovative technology called Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control (CMAC). This creative and cost-effective solution greatly enhances water quality treatment using water level sensors that help to adaptively control the pond’s outlet valves, optimizing performance for a wide range of rainfall events.

To read a full narrative and view more photos, please visit the project folder on our Google Drive.