This category recognizes stormwater practices that were installed prior to 2010 but have been exceptionally maintained such that the still perform the stormwater quality and quantity functions they were designed for, but also an asset to the neighborhood or community at large.

Eligible owners include homeowners’ associations, business owners and local governments. The Best Maintained BMP in the Bay will be evaluated on their ability to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Evidence that the BMP has been inspected in the last three years and passed with flying colors with respect to its water quality and flood control functions.
  • Has no obvious sediment, trash and debris deposits and is free of nuisance problems (geese, mosquitoes, odors)
  • Vegetation in the BMP is managed to serves as a landscape amenity
  • Provides some degree of aquatic or upland habitat in the practice or its buffer
  • Is a place you would be happy to live or work next to.

Below you will find information about the winner of the Best Maintained BMP category for the 2017 BUBBAs.

To learn more about this year’s winner, check out the project files on our Google Drive here.

First Place

The Dell at the University of Virginia

The Dell during Forebay Dredging
The Dell During Forebay Dredging

Project Team:

UVA Facilities Management Landscaping

UVA Facilities Management Utilities

UVA Facilities Management Environmental Resources

Built in 2003, this exceptionally-maintained hybrid BMP combines the benefits of a stream daylighting project, a wet pond with forebay, and the surrounding restored riparian habitat. The UVA Landscape Department conducts routine, sometimes daily, inspections to remove trash, identify and remove invasive species, and manage geese populations. The Utilities Department is responsible for maintaining the sediment control structures, and has performed two cleanings of the forebay during the BMP’s thirteen-year life.

To read a full project narrative and view more photos, please visit the project folder on the Google Drive.