Most Sustainable Facility in the Bay

This category recognizes the best industrial, federal, municipal or institutional facility in the watershed that takes practical steps to prevent stormwater pollutants from washing off their site and into local streams.


Strong contenders in this category will describe how their facility meets the following criteria:

  1. Facility operates under an updated stormwater pollution prevention plan to identify and prevent any pollutants from discharging from the property
  2. Site is frequently and systematically inspected to keep pollutants from contact with rain, treat stormwater hotspots and prevent spills, leaks or illicit pollutant discharges
  3. Employees are actively engaged and empowered on how to take actions on a daily or seasonal basis to protect water quality
  4. Parking areas and stormwater infrastructure (storm drains, catch basins and BMPs) are routinely cleaned and maintained to remove trapped litter and pollutants.
  5. Turf and landscaping are managed to use the least amount of irrigation water, fertilizer and pesticides.
  6. Site is generally a cool place to work at or live next to.