Photo Courtesy: District Department of Energy and Environment

This category recognizes the best stormwater projects constructed in the last five years to improve runoff quality from areas that were developed in the past without effective stormwater treatment.

The retrofit can involve either modifications to an existing stormwater BMP or construction of new BMP.

  1. The strongest projects in this category will: Sharply reduce pollutants and flooding from the existing developed area (pollutant reduction estimates using the retrofit curves are suggested)
  2. Incorporate new or innovative engineering approaches to maximize pollutant removal (e.g., floating wetlands, smart BMPs, media enhancements, etc.) 
  3. Solve difficult design challenges or site constraints that might be transferable to retrofit projects in other communities
  4. Be reasonably cost-effective in treating runoff generated from its impervious acreage (some general cost documentation is requested)
  5. Enhance local habitat, create attractive green space or serve as a neighborhood or community amenity.