Photo courtesy: Fairfax County

This category recognizes effective stormwater education and outreach campaigns that seek to change behaviors that tangibly reduce stormwater pollution in a community.

The program can be offered by a municipal stormwater agency or nonprofit organization that goes well beyond the minimum required by their local stormwater permits.

The strongest campaigns will:

  1. Focus on specific behaviors or actions by residents or businesses that generate pollutants of concern in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (e.g., nutrients, bacteria, plastics or toxics)
  2. Use a mix of social marketing, new media and traditional outreach methods to capture the eyeballs of the desired audience
  3. Improve diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) by building relationships and growing capacity with underrepresented communities to address community-identified needs.
  4. Transmit a clear, simple and possibly humorous message that helps the public understand how the behavior change can improve water quality
  5. Have well-defined metrics for evaluating the success of the campaign.