This category recognizes restoration projects that create or restore a high-quality blend of wetland or upland wildlife habitats. Depending on the number and type of projects submitted, separate awards may be made for forest creation and wetland/meadow creation projects.

Strong projects in this category will:

  1. Connect with other habitat areas or the stream corridor
  2. Treat the quality of stormwater runoff from upland development
  3. Attract pollinators, amphibians, songbirds, waterfowl and other wildlife to the project site.

Your project narrative should describe how the habitat you create:

  1. Has a strong plan to maintain habitat over time and help control invasive plants
  2. Utilizes native plantings suitable to the soil and water conditions at the site to create diverse habitat zones
  3. Results in at least 20,000 square feet of habitat that is protected from future disturbance
  4. Encourages access for the public to explore and learn about the habitat