Photo Courtesy: Elisa Meara

This category recognizes exceptional stormwater practices installed on a residential property. Example projects include: rain gardens, rainwater harvesting, vegetated roofs, conservation landscaping, tree planting, downspout disconnection or soil amendments.

Special consideration is given to projects subsidized under local government incentive programs.

Total investment in residential practices should be generally limited to less than $5,000. They can be installed by homeowners, contractors or watershed groups (if possible, please identify the designer/installer in your application).

The strongest projects will:

  1. Provide aesthetic improvements to property
  2. Effectively treat a substantial portion of runoff from the property
  3. Include unique or creative design features to improve practice function
  4. Provide other benefits to the homeowner such as reduced basement flooding, reduced heating or cooling costs or ‘backyard” habitat for songbirds and pollinators