Virginia Stormwater Strategy

Virginia Stormwater Strategy

Virginia DCR Stormwater Link

The geographic focus for the Virginia strategy is also statewide, given the rapid growth forecast across the Commonwealth. Over the next 18 months, Virginia will promulgate new statewide stormwater regulations, write a companion stormwater design manual, create a stormwater clearinghouse, extend MS4 Stormwater NPDES Phase 2 permits to hundreds of small communities, renew existing Phase I MS4 permits, and devise a new construction general permit. Virginia DCR should be commended for its leadership in linking these tools to Chesapeake Bay restoration objectives. The Virginia strategy involves an integrated approach to manage stormwater at the site and watershed level, as shown below:

  1. Support Nutrient- Based Stormwater Loading Criteria *
  2. Support Increased Onsite Runoff Reduction Volumes *
  3. Define Sizing Criteria to Protect Streams from Channel Erosion
  4. Strengthen Performance Standards for LID and Stormwater Practices
  5. Provide Flexibility to Support Smart Growth in Highly Urban Watersheds
  6. Develop a State-wide LID Training and Certification Program
  7. Provide Technical Assistance and Incentives for Early Adopters *
  8. Utilize Part 3 Fees to Ensure Adequate Local and State Inspection *
  9. Remove VDOT and Local Barriers to LID Implementation *
  10. Craft Special Stormwater Criteria for Sensitive and Impaired Waters of the State *
  11. Allow MS4 Permittees to Pool Funds for Stormwater Research
  12. Utilize MS4 Stormwater Permit System to Achieve Tributary Nutrient Reductions
  13. Designate Local Authority for Stormwater Hotspot Compliance
  14. Integrate Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Together at Sites
  15. Impose Turbidity Standards and Minimum Response Times for Construction Sites

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